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Housing Market Key Factors to Note as the Market Recalibrates in the New Year Key Factors to Note as the Market Recalibrates in the New Year 2022 has been an eventful year in the real estate market and the economy. After two years of pandemic-fueled demand and historically low-interest rates, we experienced a shift. The Fed quickly raised rates (by 2 points) from April to October to combat inflation, […]
Economics with Matthew Gardner Monday with Matthew
Economics with Matthew Gardner Monday with Matthew
Economics with Matthew Gardner Monday with Matthew What’s Happening With Mortgage Rates? by Matthew Gardner In this episode of “Monday with Matthew,” Matthew explains the spike in mortgage rates that took place earlier this year and the possible impacts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on the U.S. housing market. He also provides his updated 2022 mortgage rates forecast. The Impact of Rising […]
Housing Market The Zillow Algorithm vs the Human Algorithm The Zillow Algorithm vs the Human Algorithm The recent news of Zillow’s plan to shut down their iBuyer program due to a $328 million loss in the third quarter has heads spinning in the real estate world and on Wall Street.  Sadly, Zillow plans to eliminate 25% of its workforce because of its decision to […]
Housing Market Interest Rates and your 2018 Real Estate plans As you can see from the chart courtesy of Aaron Hoy at Capstone Home Loans, we are still at a historically low rate.  With rates expected to reach levels around 5% by the end of 2018 does this impact your plans? For some just excited to buy their first home it will impact what they […]
Housing Market 4th Quarter Housing Market There are some great insights by Matthew Gardner, Chief Economist, Windermere Real Estate in is most resent. The Gardner Report It is looking like it will continue to be a sellers market for 2018. The question is, just how much of a shift towards a balanced market will it take by years end?  It sounds like it could […]
Housing Market Multi-Generational Homes – High in Demand in 2016 Multi-generational home is a property that can have multiple families living under one roof in separate spaces.  A multi-generational home could house a married couple caring for an older parent, a grandparent living with an adult grandchild, or even Baby Boomers living with adult children who have moved back into the home. This has becoming […]
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Housing Market Snohomish County For Sale Vs Pendings January 2016 In Snohomish county the current inventory for January 2016 over 2015 is down over 7% while at the same time the number of homes accepting offers (pendings),  rose by over 17%.  How is this possible?  Well it has been happening for several consecutive months now.  What it means is that now is the time to […]
Housing Market Building a park over I-5 in Seattle I love the idea of this.  No, I do not live in Seattle.  I do however visit there often and have many friends that do live there.  Yes, I do have a B.S. in Environmental Science and hug trees.  🙂  There are my disclaimers.  The article by Jen Kinney, Seattle Architect Says the Time Is Right for […]
Housing Market Brand New Single Level Living New Construction Near John Sam Lake Check out this great home built by Skagit Design Homes.  Great open layout and has larger 36″ doors for easy getting around.  Located across street from John Sam Lake with private community park w/ dock & sandy beach.
Housing Market Great opportunity to own a beautiful home. Woodbrook Townhome listed at $275,000
Housing Market First Quarter Inventory Update & Prediction for Mariners Season Check out my quick video updating the inventory stats for King & Snohomish Counties.  Still a sellers market, but there is inventory.  There are just a lot of buyers in the market too.  
Housing Market 10 Reasons why selling during the holidays is okay Here is a great video that goes over why selling your home during the holidays is not a bad idea.  November 2014 has already seen over a 20% jump in pending sales over November 2013 for King & Snohomish Counties. http://youtu.be/PGZrz-ksrrs