Real Estate October 13, 2014

Seahawks underwhelming against Cowboys

I am still recovering from the underwhelming performance by the Seahawks offense yesterday.  Even Wilson appeared to off his game and he is the only reason the Seahawks one the week before.  Is it possible Bevell is trying to be to fancy with his play calling?  Just run the offense we saw last year, but with the better talent they have this year.  It wouldn’t hurt to not have Okung false start and hold at least once a game.  I am always the “glass half full” guy and am not panicking yet.  By no means is the season over.  There is time to get this right, but it is certainly way off right now.  I think the defense has been respectable, but not what we are used to seeing.  They need some health DB’s.  Could we possibly see Therald Simon on the field soon.  I love the “idea” of what he can bring but not sure when we may see it.  The secondary is getting very thin and without a pass rush has become rather vulnerable.  Again, still time but getting nervous.  Let’s see some better play against the Rams next Sunday!