Umana Family“My husband and I had been working with David Pope to find a new home for our family off and on since February of 2008.

“David was very tenacious about finding the right home and had patience with us when we did find one and it did not work out during the finance & inspection period. David went out of his way to show us new listings and knew exactly what we were looking for. He showed us only those homes that met our needs.

“We are now happily living in our new home thanks to David’s hard work and dedication.  I would, and am referring all my friends, neighbors, and family to David. He will fulfill all your needs and desires, big or small, with patience and understanding.”

– The Umana Family

“I’d like to take a minute and thank you for your work on helping us get our new home. We love the place. It’s exactly what we were looking for. The time and effort you put in to help us find our new home is immeasurable. Your were toally dedicated, professional, and considerate of our needs. You understood our needs and worked diligently to fulfill them. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend you to anyone and if the time ever comes for us to find another house you would be our sole real estate representative. Once again, thank you David for your hard work.”

– Joseph & Maribel

Sharp Family“When I first met David, I was working as an escrow assistant. I worked with many agents from all over the Puget Sound area.  When the time came for me to buy my first home in 2004, there was one agent that came to mind because of his demonstrated commitment to his clients; David Pope. While we were looking at homes, David impressed me with his open communication, his ability to anticipate my concerns, and his willingness to go the extra mile. He treated me like I was his most important client, and was there to answer questions and provide insight every step of the way.

“Five years later, when my wife and I decided to sell the condo and buy a house, we called David again. We looked at more houses than I can count. Evening appointments, Sunday showings, new construction, short sales … you name it, David was there. He was always patient and professional, and sincerely wanted to help us find our perfect home. We were both impressed with David’s knowledge of the market in the areas we were looking. He always had his research materials organized and presented them in a manner that made our home search efficient and enjoyable. David helped make the closing process as smooth as possible. Even after closing, he followed up with us to make sure we were comfortable in our new home. I would recommend David Pope to anyone looking for a new home in the Puget Sound area because he puts his clients first.”

– Gary Sharp

“I first met David at Sea-Tac airport in late October of 1999. I had contacted the real estate office prior to meeting him about purchasing property in the Seattle area. I told him my needs and everything that was going on. He volunteered to pick me up at the airport and spend the entire weekend looking for a home. He was really patient with me and worked with me to find a home best suited for the needs of my family. We found a home that weekend and while we were at the airport for my return trip, we completed the offer paperwork seconds before I had to board the plane. He was extremely helpful in providing any type of information I needed for moving into the home, for example who to call for utilities and with any issue or question I had. After the sell he was just as helpful as before, too.

“Just a year later it became apparent I would have to sell the house because of my employment situation. The thought of calling another real estate agent had never crossed my mind. In February of 2001 I had to put it on the market. It took a little time to sell, but while it was on the market David did extra things for me so I could focus on my family in St. Helens. He mowed the back lawn and took care of some basic maintenance that was needed done for the prospective buyer. I didn’t have to worry about things which was a blessing because things were very unstable for my children and I when we bought another house in St. Helens.

“I like David a lot because he is nice and professional. He takes the time to understand your needs. I hope our paths cross again because I know I will get an honest and hardworking person helping me out. Thanks for everything David!”

– Sam Moehring